Nebraska Cornhuskers Conference Schedule Preview

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking to make a splash in the B1G 10 this season, after falling short of expectations last season. Unfortunately for the Huskers, things are not going to be easy. The Huskers may just have the hardest schedule in the conference this season.

Last season, Wisconsin welcomed the Big Red to the B1G 10 with a thorough old-fashioned you know what. This season, Nebraska gets Wisconsin at home in the conference opener, and you know the Huskers have revenge on their mind. With Russell Wilson gone, the Huskers have it easier, but this game will be easy by no standards.

The very next week, the Huskers have to travel to The Horseshoe. Ohio State fans will not soon forget their monumental collapse in Lincoln, and will also have revenge on their mind. This will be a great measuring stick game for the Huskers. How much progress they made during the off-season and in the season will be evident. Do the Huskers come out and compete, or do the Buckeyes put a hurting on them?

Last season, Nebraska played absolutely terrible against Northwestern. This may be one of two games the Huskers will win for sure. Of course, that is what many of us thought last season. If the Huskers are national title contenders, we will see how consistent they play. If the Huskers are less than stellar, do not expect to compete for a B1G title, let alone a national title.

Nebraska will be at home versus Michigan in what could be a thrilling duel between Taylor Martinez and Dennard Robinson. Martinez plays better at home, and “Shoelace” has the skills to put a hurting on the Huskers again. It will be a thrilling game, and one that you should not miss. This game could perhaps decide the tie-breaker for the Legends Division winner.

Nebraska played its best game last season against Michigan State at home. The Spartans played perhaps their worst game that day. Now, the field is switched. Nebraska will have to travel to the hostile environment in East Lansing. Sure, the Spartans lost a lot of talent this season, but they have plenty left. I do not expect the Huskers to come out victorious, but it would be a great victory if they do.

The Huskers then face resurgent Penn State at home in early November. I still say the game should not have been played last year, but nonetheless, the Huskers and Nittany Lions will continue their renewed rivalry. Penn State’s offense will be better than last season, and could cause fits for the Huskers defense. Without Lavonte David in the middle, will the Huskers have enough to shut down a physical Penn State offense?

In what should be the easiest game for the Huskers this conference season, the Minnesota Gophers travel to Memorial Stadium in the second to last week of the season. The Huskers played well enough to win last season, and a loss at home would be a huge disappointment. MarQueis Gray and the Gophers offense will be better, and if the Husker struggle to contain Robinson, Gray could give them fits also.

To wrap up the regular season, the Huskers travel to take on Iowa at Kinnick Stadium. Hawkeye fans will be looking to possibly knock the Huskers out of the conference championship race, but Nebraska should be able to take down the Hawkeyes on the road. James Vandenberg will be prepared, but Taylor Martinez should have an excellent game, and Rex Burkhead will be looking to end his career (at least regular season) with a big game.

Paul Troupe is the lead writer for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and San Antonio Spurs, while covering many major sports for RantSports. You can follow him on Twitter @gamin4HIM

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  • The Saturday Edge

    The Big 12 schedule only gets harder for the Cornhuskers this year. At OSU, MSU and Iowa, and all three looking for revenge. Good luck. I’d suggest that after Nebraska’s stellar performance on the road last season (see Wisky and Michigan), games at UCLA and Northwestern could be considered coin flips.

    • Paul Troupe

      Uhm, I think you mean the Big 10 that has 12 teams? Last I checked Nebraska left that horrible conference in favor of the Big 10. Though I’m glad they added WVU, but too bad Nebraska had to leave to make it happen. Would have loved to seen Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine come to Lincoln.

      Anyways, yes, I do agree, however, the Huskers did play well against Minnesota and Penn State. Granted, Minnesota is not that good and Penn State just had Paterno fired, but still. The Huskers played well for 2.5 quarters at Michigan before they completely lost it. If it wasn’t for that erroneous “roughing” the kicker call that completely flipped momentum, I think the final score line would have been different.

      UCLA is going to have Mora as their head coach this year, and while I see them improving, I don’t think it will be fast enough. The stadium is going to have a ton of red in it, maybe even as much as the NU/ND clash a few years ago. I think Nebraska is going to beat Northwestern. They can’t lose to an inferior team two years in a row, right?

      I don’t see NU beating OSU, but I think the Huskers have enough to beat MSU and Iowa on the road. It depends on who we get though. Do we get the good road Nebraska team, or do we get the self destruct team? It’s their inconsistency that is the killer.

  • The Gooch

    Little biased.. but who isn’t right?

    Honestly, don’t sleep on those first three games…
    Remember So Miss went 12-2 last year, and Ark St went 10-3, I know NU should win but you never know when disaster might strike.

    And with a poor road showing in year one, it’s tough to pick any sure wins. At OSU, At MSU, AT NW, and AT IOWA? I would take the under on 3 wins, just seems more probable with the losses on defense (although by the later weeks defense should be this teams strength)

    I’ll pick them to win the 4 NC games, but stumble to only 4 or 5 wins in conference. Losses to OSU, Mich, MSU, and one of Iowa/NW

    • Paul Troupe

      I think that’s a fair assessment. I think the Huskers should be able to beat NW and Iowa, but like you said, you never know. This team has been so inconsistent in games they should have won/lost that it makes it tough to try and accurately even try to pick games they will win.