ACC, Orange Bowl Agree on 12-Year Partnership Extension

By Kris Hughes

With the pending move to the college football playoff system in 2014, the major college football conferences are making moves to solidify their long-term futures with bowl games, and position themselves to host semi-final games down the road.

Today, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has announced a 12-year partnership extension with the Discover Orange Bowl to feature the ACC Champion in the game which will be played on New Year’s Day starting in 2014.

Under the partnership, the ACC has selected the Orange Bowl as it’s official bowl partner, and one of the two teams participating in the game every year starting in 2014 will be the ACC champion, unless this champion is named to the national semi-finals, in which case the team will be replaced by another representative from the conference selected by the bowl’s organizing committee.

A broadcast partner has not yet been determined for the future of the Orange Bowl, but it’s reasonable to assume it will be ESPN given their massive new contract with the ACC signed in May which extends through the 2026-2027 season of competition.

It’s expected in the rotation that is currently being suggested the ACC and Orange Bowl will host a national-semi final at least four times in the first 12 seasons of the initial contract period proposed by the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee which outlined the college football playoff system last month.

Virginia Tech will likely appear in the Orange Bowl multiple times over the course of this new agreement, given they have been the most dominant team in the ACC for some time and only look to be getting stronger.

It will essentially become their home away from home, unless other teams in the conference– especially Clemson— can step up and live up to the promise they show on paper.

It’s a short-term solid move by a conference that sees the writing on the wall and has chosen to get ahead and be proactive rather than reactive.

This is the way of the new college football landscape.

Adapt or die.

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