Iowa Hawkeyes To Open Season at Soldier Field

By Andrew Fisher

The Iowa Hawkeyes will open their 2012 season with a game against Northern Illinois on September 1st at Solider Field in Chicago, IL.

This will mark the second time the Hawkeyes have started their season on the home turf of the Chicago Bears. Back in 2007, the Hawkeyes again faced the Huskies, winning 16-3.

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In 2007 the Hawkeyes would go on finish 6-6, and miss a bowl game for the only the second time since the year 2000…

So five years later the Hawks return to Chicago to open another season. This team is similar to the 2007 squad in that there aren’t any big expectations for the season.

No one would be surprised if this team ended up at the same 6-6 record.

I’m confident the Hawks can win 6 games, mainly because of their non-conference schedule:

vs. Northern Illinois

vs. Iowa State

vs. Northern Iowa

vs. Central Michigan

Not to mention the fact that Iowa doesn’t have a road game at all, until October 13th at Michigan State.

I would even go as far to say that their schedule is the best thing they have going for them this season. For a young team, that has a lot more questions than answers, they couldn’t ask for a better schedule.

So given that, I expect this year’s Hawkeye team to be competitive in every game, just like they are every year.

Are the Hawkeyes serious contenders in the Legends division? Just entering the season, that answer is no, but never count out the Hawkeyes. They are just a couple breakout players away from being in the hunt.

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