College Football Recruiting: Nike's The Opening Features Top 2013 Talent

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Nike has a huge profile in the world of collegiate sports, and as you read this article, they are making in roads in one of it’s most important aspects: recruiting.

College football recruiting is all about finding, evaluating, and securing the best talent possible to ensure the future success of your program. Nike-sponsored event The Opening kicks off this weekend in Beaverton, Oregon, and features some of the top talent in the 2013 recruiting class.

The event includes four days of intense one-on-one training with select coaches and competitive activities to help these young men show off their skill sets.

The “meat” of the event includes Nike SPARQ competitions in the 20-yard shuttle, 40-yard dash, vertical jump and kneeling power ball throw. All of these events are scored individually and totalled into a combined score.

Apart from this individual competition is the 7-on-7 championship which will undoubtedly bring out head coaches and recruiting coordinators from first-tier college football programs across the country.

Given there are committed 2013 recruits attending the event, The Opening is not only about competitions between some of the best athletes the country has to offer, it’s also a chance for players to recruit one another to their respective programs.

While this “informal recruiting” may not happen in the open, these guys are rooming together, and will have plenty of time away from the competitive aspects to talk and discuss their futures.

It’s an interesting dynamic for those involved in the competition, but also for coaches looking to try and secure that last recruit to top off their 2013 class, which at this point is likely almost complete.

Nike has a great concept here, one that is sure to grow in coming years, and provide a one-stop shop for coaches to find that diamond in the rough which they may not otherwise find on their own.

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