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2012 Rimington Trophy Watch List Announced

The 2012 Rimington Trophy watch list was announced earlier this morning, featuring the top centers in the country. Centers are a group that are not often recognized and rarely get the credit they deserve when an offensive unit plays to their potential.

Here are the centers which have the greatest impact on their teams, and, in all likelihood, will one day play at the professional level:

Eloy Atkinson UTEP 6’3″ 315 Senior
Mario Benavides Louisville 6’4″ 301 RS Senior
Nick Carlson Wyoming 6’4″; 292 Senior
Braxston Cave Notre Dame 6’3″ 304 Graduate Student
Dillon Day Mississippi State 6’4″ 295 RS Sophomore
Reese Dismukes Auburn 6’3″ 302 Sophomore
Trent Dupy Tulsa 6’2″ 285 Senior
Dillon Farrell New Mexico 6’5″ 290 Junior
James Ferentz Iowa 6’2″ 284 Senior
Jay Finch Georgia Tech 6’3″; 283 RS Junior
B.J. Finney Kansas State 6’4″ 303 Sophomore
Travis Frederick Wisconsin 6’4″ 328 Junior
Dalton Freeman Clemson 6’5″ 285 Graduate Student
James Fry TCU 6’3″ 290 Senior
Kevin Galeher Western Michigan 6’3″ 300 Senior
Hronis Grasu Oregon 6’3″ 284 Sophomore
Ben Habern Oklahoma 6’4″ 292 Senior
Gus Handler Colorado 6’3″ 295 Junior
Jonotthan Harrison Florida 6’3″ 309 RS Junior
Khaled Holmes USC 6’4″ 305 Senior
Andre Huval Louisiana-Lafayette 6’1″ 290 Junior
Alec Johnson San Diego State 6’3″ 300 Senior
T.J. Johnson South Carolina 6’6″ 319 Senior
Barrett Jones Alabama 6’5″ 302 Senior
Zac Kerin Toledo 6’5″ 300 Junior
Tyler Larsen Utah State 6’4″ 308 Junior
Patrick Lewis Texas A&M 6’2″ 306 Senior
P.J. Lonergan LSU 6’4″ 305 Senior
Macky MacPherson Syracuse 6’2″ 269 Junior
Joe Madsen West Virginia 6’4″ 310 RS Senior
Mike Marboe Idaho 6’2″ 301 Sophomore
Will Matte Indiana 6’2″ 290 RS Senior
Blake McJunkin SMU 6’2″ 305 Senior
Andrew Miller Virginia Tech 6’4″ 300 RS Junior
Brian Moore Duke 6’2″ 285 RS Senior
Graham Pocic Illinois 6’7″ 305 Senior
Ryan Powis Army 6’0″ 257 Sophomore
Austin Quattrochi Southern Mississippi 6’3″ 295 RS Senior
Jordan Rae UCF 6’2″ 275 Senior
Weston Richburg Colorado State 6’4″ 297 Junior
Sam Schartzstein Stanford 6’3″ 290 Senior
Matt Smith Kentucky 6’4″ 296 Senior
Matt Stankiewitch Penn State 6’3″ 295 Senior
Tevita Stevens Utah 6’3″ 302 Senior
Travis Swanson Arkansas 6’5″ 305 Junior
Evan Swindall Ole Miss 6’2″ 300 Junior
Ryan Turnley Pittsburgh 6’6″ 320 Senior
Brandon Vitabile Northwestern 6’3″ 300 Sophomore
Stephen Warner Louisiana Tech 6’0″ 295 RS Senior
Robert Waterman UNLV 6’2″ 290 Sophomore
Camden Wentz NC State 6’3″ 225 Senior


Center  isn’t the sexiest position in college football– rarely will a center make a highlight play worthy of SportsCenter– but there is no doubt at all without a competent one (at a minimum) a team is destined to fail.

The center-quarterback exchange is one of the most routine, but important plays in all of football. Without confidence in their center, a quarterback is one failed exchange away from disaster.

It’s time these guys got their due respect, and the Rimington Trophy is a gem for giving it to them.

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