Florida State Cornerback Greg Reid Arrested

By Riley Schmitt

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I have the feeling that Greg Reid getting arrested is not something Florida State was looking forward to before the season starts.  It appears the star cornerback was busted for driving with a suspended license and marijuana possession just to top everything off.

Florida State seems like a trendy pick to possibly win a title this year, but any discipline that happens to Greg Reid is certainly going to hurt that.  Reid is a do it all guy for the Seminoles so they need him on the field at basically all times.  He can change games with his return skills and his cover skills are pretty good.

I am sure more details about this will come out sooner rather than later.  Right now, it does not look like the FSU season is going to start on the right foot.  Reid will probably end up getting suspended for at least one game, which might not hurt in the long run.  However, it does not look good for the program to have on of their stars in trouble.

I am sure most fans just want the season to start already.  The offseason has seemed to drag on forever, especially with all the realignment and playoff talk.  It is time to get down and play some good old fashioned football.  Arrests certainly help mar that excitement.

Hopefully Greg Reid can learn from this situation and come out of it for the better.  If not, that is when the issues start.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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