Nebraska Defensive End Eric Martin Goes on Epic Twitter Rant

By Kris Hughes

One of the more interesting debates in college football in recent months has been about whether student-athletes deserve an additional stipend to help them cover costs which their scholarships do not currently cover.

Given that Division I football players don’t have the time to work or bring an any other type of income apart from what they are provided, it’s understandable that some of them are frustrated with their position– especially in the off-season.

Nebraska senior defensive end Eric Martin decided to take his frustration with the lack of “available funds” to Twitter recently with a series of rants:

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This went on for about 15 more tweets, but I’ll spare you the details.

As you can tell, he thinks that the Nebraska players need their checks.


People will take one of two sides on this which are all too predictable. Some will say that Martin should get over it, that student-athletes are privileged enough and he should find a way to make it work. Others will say Martin and his teammates aren’t paid enough and he wouldn’t have to take to Twitter to complain if he had enough to help him through the tougher times.

This is the core of the debate in paying, or not paying, student-athletes a greater stipend that is more closely tied to the revenue that they generate for their respective athletic departments each year.

For now, someone just needs to get Eric Martin some cash so he doesn’t have a heart attack on us.


H/T to EDSBS and SportsGrid.

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