Uniform Watch 2012 - Auburn to be "Chrome Domes"?

By Michael Collins

Last year, Nike caused quite a stir in the college football world with their ‘Nike Combat’ uniforms.  This summer will probably prove to be no less shocking with the introduction of some new college football helmets and uniforms.

You would think Oregon would have the market cornered on shocking field attire, especially after the “liqud metal” helmet that was donned in January’s Rose Bowl game. But the SEC, never wanting to be outdone, apparently has a team that really wants to shine on-field this year.

A photo has been making it’s way along various internet turnpikes of an Auburn football helmet with reflective properties that could probably be seen from orbit if the sun hit it just right.

The Auburn “chrome dome” helmet might even put the famed “golden domes” of Notre Dame to shame if it’s ever used in a game.  However, as has happened in the past, photos of spec uniform designs have been leaked on the internet before, only to never been seen in actual game play.

The only traditional aspect of the helmet is the “AU” logo, done in the standard Auburn blue and orange.  The rest of the headpiece, all the way down to the neon orange facemask, looks like something James Caan might have worn in Rollerball

At least there’s no chance of Nova – the Auburn War Eagle mascot – missing this and crashing headlong into it.

The chances that we’ll see this used on the field?  You never know.  The helmet is designed by Under Armour, who is the official outfitter of Auburn football.

As the band Timbuk 3  said in 1986: The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades.

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