Autographed Joe Paterno jersey to be auctioned off

By Marian Hinton

College football fans from all over appear to be turning on former Nittany Lions head coach, the late Joe Paterno, in the wake of new information implying that he participated in an elaborate cover-up of Jerry Sandusky‘s sexual abuse crimes against children.

Earlier this week, Nike removed Paterno’s name from a child care center located at their corporate headquarters. Then, a Penn State student group announced that the pre-football game camp-outs once referred to as “Paternoville” will now be called “Nittanyville”.

Yesterday, a banner plane carrying the message, “Tear down the statue or we will,” in reference to the Paterno statue that stands outside of Beaver Stadium, flew over campus.

Now, talk show host, Todd Schnitt has announced that he will be auctioning off a Penn State football jersey bearing JoePa’s autograph.

The jersey was given to him a year before the scandal broke, and now, eager to be rid of it, he plans to award it to the highest bidder in an on-air auction which will be conducted on his nationally syndicated radio show.

However, there is one small caveat.

Schnitt is mandating that the winner of the jersey destroy it in a wood chipper at Penn State University, adding that he would like to “fly up to State College and flip the switch myself.”

All proceeds from the auction will be awarded to the Arrow Child and Family Ministries, a Houston-based charity group which has selected to absorb the many of the programs and assets of Sandusky’s former charity foundation, the Second-Mile.

Though the auction and subsequent destroying of the jersey is a symbolic gesture attempting to show disdain for the former coach’s actions, it’s heartbreaking–albeit deserved–to watch this former football legend’s fall from grace; it’s sad that it had to come to this.




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