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Hakeem Nicks Was Ineligible For 2008 Season At North Carolina

Hakeem Nicks has gone on to be a star with the New York Giants but before that, he was a wideout at the University of North Carolina.  The school is embroiled in a scandal and it turns out that Nicks was not eligible to play the 2008 season, which was his final one at school.

NCAA documents show that Nicks received improper academic help in the spring of 2008 from a tutor implicated in the NCAA scandal at UNC. The NCAA called what happened “academic fraud.”

Nicks’ ineligibility has not been widely known and was not previously acknowledged by the university.

This is kind of shocking news.  Nicks had a very good 2008 and it helped him achieve a high draft pick.  Without that play, Nicks might not have made as much money on his first contract as he did when he was drafted.

It sounds like UNC has a whole lot of issues that they are trying to figure out.  I would not be shocked if more news like this came out in the coming weeks and months.  It sounds like academic fraud was widespread at the school, which is not exactly a good thing.

Hakeem Nicks had a great career at UNC and helped propel him to a good professional career so far.  It would be odd to look back and see what would have happened if Nicks was not able to play in 2008.  I think a lot of things would be different in the pros right now.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.