College football rumors: NCAA to hand out "unprecedented" penalties to Penn State?

By Marian Hinton

In the wake of the child abuse scandal surrounding Penn State Universityand its once-beloved football program, NCAA president Mark Emmert is expected to make an announcement on Monday morning at 9:00 AM EST from NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis regarding what once source is calling “unprecedented” sanctions against the program as well as the university.

After former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who was hired by the university to investigate the scandal, released information describing how Jerry Sandusky‘s crimes against young children were covered up by Penn State officials, including former head-coach Joe Paterno, questions as to whether or not the NCAA will sanction the program, and if so, to what extent, have been hotly debated.

Emmert raised some eyebrows last week in his first public comments about the scandal, claiming that no punishment was off the table. That comment along with a comparison to the SMU Mustangs player-pay scandal of the 1980s, led many to wonder aloud of the death penalty is an option in this case as well.

Last November, when the facts of the scandal first came to light, the NCAA set a letter to the university asking for a response to four key questions regarding the case. Though it is not yet known of the answers to the questions have been received, it appears that the NCAA is ready to act.

The NCAA’s announcement of the press conference came on the same day that the school removed the statue that once honored the late Joe Paterno from outside of the Nittany LionsBeaver Stadium.

With all of this coming to a head, perhaps soon the school, and more importantly all of those affected by the heinous crimes and ensuing cover-up, will now begin to look ahead and begin anew.

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