Big 10 Announces Penn State Penalties After Jerry Sandusky Scandal

By Riley Schmitt

The NCAA hammered Penn State with penalties Monday morning due to the Jerry Sandusky scandal, which left it up to the Big 10 to deliver their own form of justice.  If you missed the NCAA penalties, PSU was fined 60 million dollars, wins from 1998 to 2011 were vacated, there is a four year bowl ban and five years of probation and the program will only have 65 scholarships available for four years.

The Big 10 did not have much left to do, but they still threw down their own brand of justice.  Penn State will not get their share of bowl revenue for four years and it will instead be donated to charity.  That is estimated at 13 million dollars over that time.  They will also not be eligible to play in the B1G Championship Game during the next four years.

This marks the start of a hell week for Penn State.  Joe Paterno lost his wins record and his statue, players are transferring and decommitting left and right, and they still have to try to field a football team that won’t get slaughtered.  That is the point, however.  PSU was punished for valuing football over children and they are now reaping their rewards.

Penn State is paying dearly for their misdeeds and people agree with the punishment.  It was a unique situation and the fact that people agree with what the NCAA and the Big 10 did is shocking.  The program was not killed but it was certainly crippled for the near future.  It should show that football is not the end all in matters.  If football is placed before the safety of children, punishments must be handed down.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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