NCAA Announces Penn State Penalties; Includes Bowl Ban, Fine, Vacated Wins, And Scholarship Loss Due To Jerry Sandusky Coverup

By Riley Schmitt

The NCAA has decided on the punishments for Penn State University from the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal and they certainly are unique.  In a week where Joe Paterno lost his statue and was basically disgraced, the NCAA wasted no time in handing down penalties that include a four year bowl ban, a loss of 10 scholarships per year for four years, with 10 coming in the first year, vacated wins from 1998 to 2011, five years probation, and a gigantic fine of 60 million dollars.

Although the NCAA did not hit Penn State with the death penalty, these penalties are still pretty harsh.  In fact, this almost will have the same effect as the death penalty.  These won’t kill football but they certainly cripple it.  They could have been worse, but this grouping of punishments should have the desired effect.  Not only did the football program get punished, the school also faces some repercussions for its failure in doing anything about Sandusky.

There will be people that claim the penalties are harming Penn State and State College too much, but something had to have been done.  Although it may not be seen as something for the NCAA to get involved in, they saw something that made them get involved.  Times like this tend to call for drastic measures and Penn State was hit hard.  65 scholarships per year basically decimates the football program for the next four seasons.

This will certainly have a negative effect on the football programs for the coming years.  Players will be allowed to transfer immediately and other coaches are just waiting to pounce on some of PSU’s best players.  Don’t expect Penn State to be a contender in football for at least five years or so.  That may be harsh but it is necessary after what happened at the school for so long.

The NCAA get a lot of flack for doing stupid stuff from time to time but this makes sense.  It doesn’t totally wipe the football program off the map, but it certainly impacts the program in a way that they will never forget.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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