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Northern Illinois Linebacker Devon Butler Stabbed Sunday; Missed 2011 Season After Being Shot

If Devon Butler did not have bad luck, he would not have any luck at all.  The Northern Illinois linebacker was stabbed Sunday morning, but it was not life threatening.  Butler missed the 2011 season after being shot due to a drug deal that went haywire.

According to police, the latest incident took place after 25-year old Freddy E. Sparks-Ward was ejected from an off-campus party. Sparks-Ward left the party only to return and get in an altercation with Butler before stabbing him.

The MAC really is more exciting football.  Even the offseason is filled with weird and wacky things.  Devon Butler should not be affected by this stabbing long term, but it is weird that a guy who missed last season due to a shooting was stabbed before the 2012 season gets underway.

Butler might want to invest in some good luck charms or something.  He seems to end up in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time.  Not many football players can say they have had their football careers interrupted due to a shooting and a stabbing.  Luckily, Butler is no worse for wear after the latest incident.

Hopefully Butler can have a successful 2012.  The way the last two years have gone for him, making it through the season could be considered a success.  Actually, Butler will probably end up with another wacky injury.  My money is tripping over the first down marker and spraining an ankle.  Either that, or the marker ends up impaling him.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.