Penn State Sanctions Create Recruiting Frenzy: ACC Fallout

By Joe Giglio

As Mark Emmert laid down the law on Penn State yesterday morning, coaches around the country began scrambling to see what it meant for their roster. No, not the future fallout — loss of scholarships, money, vacated wins — but the current residual effect: Penn State players can transfer immediately. As the current rules state in this case, any school can add these players if they are under the allowed scholarships for 2012 or count them as scholarship players for the 2013 group. Let the frenzy begin.

As Laces Out has been reporting on, the ACC Media Day took place yesterday in Greensboro, NC. While it’s strange to report on other programs benefiting from the tragedies and scandal at Penn State, the reality bears that truth. If current Penn State players and/or recruits want to split town before the program becomes a shell of it’s former self, they are allowed. Thus, teams around the country can add talented players to their roster during the summer. That’s unprecedented and a true opportunity for improvement.

Here are some thoughts and reactions by the coaches around the league on how the Penn State mess will have an impact on their team:

“It makes things interesting,’’ said Randy Edsall, who is looking to improve on a difficult first season in Maryland. “We have to get things going pretty quickly.’’

North Carolina State head coach Tom O’Brien said the Wolfpack have scholarships available to fit new players in: “We have to see how it plays out,’’ said O’Brien. “There’s a lot of stuff that is changing.’’

As the comments flew around media day, the coaches wondered if Penn State could remain a legitimate program in the wake of the sanctions.

“With all of those sanctions, 65 scholarships maximum, that’s FCS football,’’ said one coach.

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