NCAA Football

New coach Bill O’Brien looking to alter Penn State football uniforms?

With the recent sanctions handed down to them by the NCAA, the Penn State football program has the daunting task of putting their past behind them and beginning a new chapter in school history.

For over a hundred years, the Nittany Lions have held onto one of the most classic looks in all of college football. There was no mistaking the navy blue, nameless jerseys with white numbers and the solid white helmets, but as early as this fall season, their vintage uniforms could be a thing of the past.

Penn State’s head-coach, Bill O’Brien–successor of the once-beloved Joe Paterno–recently informed the parents of his players that he has contacted Nike to ask about altering their jerseys.

Though he would like to make a change by this fall, he understand that it may not be an option. Regardless, it seems that a change will indeed be made as some point.

O’Brien suggested that the new jerseys may even contain the players’ names on the back, a practice that Paterno never would allow.

Needless to say, the Penn State faithful have a long road ahead of them as they try to make the difficult transition from the past to the future.

I have always been a proponent of leaving things the way they are; there is a lot to be said of some of the old, classic college football jersey styles such as those of the Nittany Lions. However, in this case, as much as their jerseys have been associated with the Nittany Lions of old, a symbolic change may not be a bad idea.

Penn State is leaving the past behind them and looking ahead to start anew. Sometimes, even a change in appearance can help bring about a change in culture, which is exactly what the program needs.