Rant Sports Preseason All American Team: Offensive Line

By Freddie Vickers

We move forward in our Rant Sports Preseason All American Team as we are hitting the offensive line and tight end.  As all intelligent football fans know, games are won and lost up front and these big boys on our All American Team are the best in the country at pushing people around.

Every great offensive line starts in the middle, with the man that makes all the line calls, but his responsibility doesn’t end there.  The center’s first job is to get the snap to the quarterback.  After that objective is completed, he now has to block his assignment that can be anywhere from a nose tackle to a linebacker.

Center:  Barrett Jones, University of Alabama

When you talk about running the football, the guard position is key.  Guards pull down the line and kick out defensive ends, or they may release and turn upfield and peel back on a linebacker.  I think our All American Team has two solid guards, that if I was coaching, I know I could go to battle with.

Guards:  Jonathan Cooper, University of North Carolina     Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech

We move to the tackle position which is a very important position for any football team.  The tackle must not only be strong, but he must be agile and be quick enough to get out of his stance and stop opposing defensive ends from getting after his quarterback.  In todays game, where the speed rush end has become so dominant, tackles are of dire importance in any offensive gameplan.

Tackles:  Alex Hurt, LSU      Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin

The evolution of the tight end has come full force to the game of football.  Whether in the NFL or college, the tight end is now called on to do so many things.  Blocking in the run game from the end of the line, leading the tailback through the gap from a fullback/H-back position and splitting out wide or in the slot and catching passes, are just a few things the new age tight end now must excel in.

Tight End:  Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn



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