While Recruiting Penn State RB Silas Redd USC May Have Committed Violation

By Aaron Klein

Yes, fans, we’re still waiting to hear if Penn State running back Silas Redd will jump ship and transfer from the Nittany Lions to the USC Trojans. Word is that we should hear no later than Tuesday night.

However, amid all the talking the meeting and greeting and glad-handing, there are reports that USC may have committed a secondary recruiting violation.

Seems that reserve Trojans quarterback Max Wittek called Redd on behalf of the team and the two discussed the situation at Penn State along with the possibility of Redd transferring to the Trojans. That was okay, but when Wittek was asked about the phone conversation, he shared details of the conversation with the media, an apparent violation as players and coaches are forbidden from publicly discussing recruits.

Redd and Wittek are old friends from their youth football days in Norwalk, CT.

Redd and USC head coach Lane Kiffin have already met, reportedly spending three hours talking in Connecticut. Signs are pointing to Redd making the leap and playing for the Trojan this season, though as of this writing there has been no definitive word from the Redd camp.

Of note: Once the apparent violation became clear, USC issued an email statement to reporters who cover the team, in which the school reminded them that since NCAA rules are clear about public discussion of recruits the reporters should refrain from asking such questions. USC also apparently was disappointed that the media would use such quotes since the violation is clear.

One must wonder why the school itself — knowing the weight of the current Penn State issue and rumors of transfers — didn’t think to remind one of its own about keeping quiet. Also, someone should remind USC that it is not the media’s job to protect players or coaches from committing violations, no matter how small.


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