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College Football Recruiting: The Top Inside Linebackers of 2013

Assembled is a preseason ranking for the top middle linebackers in College Football Recruiting for the class of 2013.  The players listed below are the epitome of the caliber of linebackers found in the SEC, one of the many reasons they are so highly ranked.

1.  Reuben Foster –Auburn (AL) Auburn- Foster has been on many headlines the past year with his up and down recruitment.  It all culminated when Foster de-committed from Alabama to switch to hometown school Auburn in early July, and finalized that decision with an Auburn logo tattooed on his forearm.  Foster is, however, worth all the hype.  At 6’2’’ and 230lbs, he has all the physical tools you look for in a ‘Mike’ linebacker.  Foster is fast enough to play inside in a 4-3, but is also strong enough to play inside in a 3-4.  In addition, Foster has the athleticism to enable him to play outside if need be.  I wouldn’t expect anymore flip flopping at this point in his recruitment.  Early Prediction: Auburn.

2.  Daniel McMillian- Jacksonville (FL) First Coast- The 6’3’’ 220lb McMillian has been slightly under the radar the past year.  Part of that reason is because McMillian committed last February to Will Muschamp and Florida, and has given no indication that he will change his mind, thus leading to a bit of a lull in his recruitment.  He has tested very well though, especially at Florida’s most recent camp.  McMillian has great size and strength, and is surprisingly quick in coverage.  McMillian hopes to become the next great Florida inside linebacker, following in the steps of players like Brandon Siler and Brandon Spikes.  He already has roughly the same size as those players.  Early Prediction: Florida.

3.  Larenz Bryant- Charlotte (NC) Vance- Checking in at only 6’1’’ and 210lbs, this South Carolina commit will need to put on more weight before he is ready to play ‘Mike’ in the SEC.  Bryant has the frame for it, and the Gamecock coaches have already discussed it being a priority.  What makes this guy special though is his speed and athleticism.  His stats last year?  144 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 interceptions.  Let’s not forget the 1,435 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns he chipped in on offense.  Don’t expect any change in his decision, however.  Bryant grew up in South Carolina and was a Gamecock fan as a kid.  He wants to play in front of the rest of his family back home after moving to North Carolina.  Early Prediction: South Carolina.

These three players are just another example of why the defenses down south consistently dominate.  Size, speed, athleticism and a carnal hunger for football are just a few of the things that make them typical SEC linebackers.  Don’t expect too much to change with the commitment status of these young men, all seem to be pretty set with their decisions.