Former Penn State Quarterback Rob Bolden Transfers To LSU

By Riley Schmitt

Rob Bolden could never quite figure it out at Penn State, but he is getting a fresh start at a new school.  Bolden has transferred to LSU, where he is expected to be the backup quarterback but he could see minutes if something goes weird.

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On the surface, this move looks like to be one that will not make a difference anytime soon.  Rob Bolden was pretty bad in his time at PSU.  He could never own the position and was always making mistakes.  Not exactly a good way to get minutes and instill confidence in your teammates.

A change of scenery might be good for the quarterback.  Remember, Bolden was a four star quarterback who actually started as a true freshman at PSU.  The coaches there saw something in him but whatever happened then has gone away.  Getting away from that culture and moving to a new place could do wonders for his confidence and his play.

There is a very good chance that this move does not end up working out at.  At worst, LSU wasted a scholarship taking a shot on a guy who has talent.  Best case scenario sees Bolden tapping into his potential and leading the Tigers to a national title.

The real answer is probably somewhere in the middle.  Bolden will probably see playing time and he might get a start or two.  He will be asked to manage the game and not make mistakes.  This could work out for him or it could blow up in his face.

Rob Bolden is a guy who just needs one good start to maybe turn things around.  Joining a team that has national title hopes and one that needs a QB to take the reins and show poise might just be the place.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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