Only 13 NCAA Schools have Untarnished Athletic Programs out of 120

By Derek Kessinger

Penn State just became another name off an ever-shrinking list. Only 13 schools out of the 120 division one schools have never committed an NCAA violation. Boise State was the most recent team previously to fall off the list and Central Florida’s bowl ban shows that the penalties are not about to stop. If the NCAA can only claim a few clean programs out of its huge membership, than maybe the penalties are not working.

The list of schools that have never committed a violation is actually 15 according to the NCAA, but because Boston College and Northwestern have both had point shaving schemes, they are not necessarily clean programs. With Penn State off the list, that leaves only Stanford as the completely clean program from the six BCS conferences.

Central Michigan and Western Michigan both make the list for schools to never commit a major violation. The Midwest also boasts the University of Ohio, Bowling Green, and Kent State, all from Ohio . Southern schools include UAB, North Texas and Rice.

Surprisingly, Air Force is the only military academy on the list ( Army and Navy have had violations). Also on the list is Colorado State University, which actively promotes the importance of compliance as a school. Both Colorado schools (Air Force and Colorado State) are in the Mountain West Conference.

Troy University in New York and Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton round out the list. It is a distinction that each school should be proud of in light of big college football programs across the country. If Penn State has taught us anything, is that too big to fail programs lead to problems.


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