Iowa Hawkeyes Dismiss DeAndre Johnson From Football Team

By Riley Schmitt

DeAndre Johnson messed with AIRBHG and he lost.  The Iowa Hawkeyes dismissed the running back from the football team after he ran afoul of the law two times in three days.  The first was for a disorderly house, the second was for eluding police.

This is not a shocking move and it fits how Iowa handles discipline.  They are really not big on giving multiple chances to guys, especially if they use up their second chance about 36 hours after they first got in trouble.  DeAndre Johnson is just the latest running back to have this issue at Iowa.

You may be wondering about AIRBHG.  It is a term coined by Black Heart, Gold Pants.  (Great Iowa blog by the way, you should totally read them).  It stands for Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God.  If you look at the luck that Iowa has had with running backs over the last few years, it makes sense.  They can not keep a healthy running back for more than six weeks at a time, it seems.

DeAndre Johnson did not have a ton of experience but he was going to get some carries this coming season.  The fact that DeAndre Johnson is gone will hurt the Iowa team going forward.

They will have to rely on freshmen this coming season until they are struck down with leprosy or some other terrible disease.  We will see how Iowa can respond this year to playing with a very limited running game.  The options are unproven so they will have to rely on throwing the ball to get their points.  That will prove to be a very hit or miss exploit this coming season.  In the mean time, AIRBHG will be biding his time, waiting to strike the next breakout Hawk.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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