Virginia Tech Football: How Will Logan Thomas Fare in 2012?

By Ryan McCart

Virginia Tech is coming off a very good season in which they had 11 wins. This came despite the fact that the defense dealt with a rash of injuries throughout the season. This often left the offense on its own. It was up to quarterback Logan Thomas and running back David Wilson to take care of business, and they did it successfully against just about every team but Clemson. Well, Wilson is now gone to the NFL and most of the offense, other than Thomas, has left. Fans understand that Thomas is the main reason that the Hokies received a Sugar Bowl berth, but with so much turnover on offense how can people expect Thomas to do in 2012?

Logan Thomas’s 2011 was one of the best seasons a Virginia Tech quarterback has ever had. He threw for 3,013 yards and 19 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions. He also ran the ball 137 times for 469 yards and 11 touchdowns.  He quickly became a star for Virginia Tech, and even more is expected of him in 2012.

However, there is a slight problem with this line of thinking. Logan Thomas has lost his record breaking receivers Jarrett Boykin and Danny Coale. Four-of-five of his starting offensive linemen from last season are gone (graduated) and his All-American running back (Wilson) was a first-round draft pick.

The starters on the offensive line are set now but unproven. Boykin and Coale have been replaced by Marcus Davis, Dyrell Roberts (if he can remain healthy) and D.J. Coles. The running back position is still up for grabs between J.C. Coleman and Michael Holmes. Can Logan Thomas really overcome all of that turmoil and be better this year then he was last?

That is the real question that faces Virginia Tech’s offense this season. Almost 52% of Thomas’s completions last season were to Boykin and Coale. Combined Davis, Roberts and Coles only accounted for 29.4% of those completions. That is just in the passing game, the offensive line will have more to do with Thomas’s success than any other offensive unit.

Thomas sacked 17 times last season. Part of that number is due to the simple fact that Thomas at 6’6” and 262 lbs. and hard to bring down. The larger part of that number was having four senior starters on the offensive line. Logan Thomas can’t win games if he is on his back and this falls almost completely on those five men that line up in front of him.

There is one thing that can even this severe loss of experience for Virginia Tech’s offense and that is Logan Thomas’s gain of experience. What is scaring the rest of the ACC in 2012 isn’t that Thomas put up such monster numbers last season, it is that it was his first year as the Hokies quarterback. Logan Thomas is sure to have made some big strides during this offseason and he will be even better than last year.

Logan Thomas will have a similar season this year as compared to last. That in itself will make it more impressive. He has a completely new roster around him and he will carry his team. Thomas is the reason that Virginia Tech will keep its 10-win season streak alive in 2012. If he decides to stay for his senior season, he will also be the reason that Virginia Tech will have an outside shot at the national title in 2013.

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