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Auburn Grad Paints Huge Logo in Yard

The Southeastern Conference has become not only known for its superiority on the field, but also for the fans that inhabit its stadiums and gyms on each campus. With standings, tournaments and a questionable bowl system set in place to decide which SEC teams reign nationwide, how can one decide which fanbase tops the rest?

Recent Auburn graduate Nicholas Head answered that question with a large orange and blue statement.

After receiving his master’s degree Satruday, Head took to his yard, of all places, to show how much love he has for Auburn.

“I have an AU stencil, and since I just graduated with my masters and have a full-time job, I really wanted to get in the mood for football season,” Head said. “So, I got some orange and blue paint cans, bought a state flag that was orange and blue and spent about 2 hours working on the actual AU logo.”

Head’s act of pride shamed the other schools in the SEC. From LSU being known for obnoxious students who are capable of doing close to anything to away fans to Alabama, who has a fan that has allegedly killed Toomer’s Oaks and another that committed a sexual act on a man while other in and outside a Bourbon Street Kystal’s watched.

No, Head did things the correct way. He did them the honorable way. To put it simply, he did it the Auburn way.

“I have great pride in my university and the city of Auburn,” he sad. “Hopefully my yard will display that to people around the state and the country!”

Being the marketing coordinator for Auburn Campus Receation, Head said he’s seen scrubs and bushes around town in the shape of the Tigers’ logo. With the stencil he got from the intramural office, having experience painting lines and $90 worth of stray paint from World Class Paints, Head began work on his masterpiece.

“I have the biggest yard on my street, so I figured it’d be a great thing for people to see on gameday or just on their way to work,” Head, who lives by McAllister’s in Auburn, added.

Everything changed, however, when Head sent a picture of his yard to Fox Sport’s Erin Andrews, who retweeted it. Head said that’s when all the tweets and messages began.

“Most of the feedback has been positive, and hopefully it’ll inspire someone to do something similar to their yard, whether it’s Auburn, LSU or anyone around the country,” he added.

Monday night, Head noted he has received a picture of Boise State’s logo painted in someone’s yard, as well. Head’s artwork will need to be touched up once a week, he said, with football season now less than four weeks away.

These headlines provided by Head have changed the name of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. With Alabama superfan Harvey Updyke still–which cannot be emphasized enough–awaiting trial, it appeared everything was going to take a turn for the worst.

Instead, Head stepped up and made a statement with burnt orange and navy blue spray paint. To Head, loving Auburn is more important than hating another team, and that’s not something every fanbase agrees with it seems.

“Being an Auburn graduate and living in this state means that anyone that associates with Alabama football is going to have their opinion on something related to Auburn,” Head added.

Times like this are a reminder of the final line of the Auburn creed: “And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.”

There is no question that Nicholas Head is a true Auburn man.