LSU Dismisses Star Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu From Team

By Riley Schmitt

Tyrann Mathieu may be one of the best cornerbacks in the nation but the guy can simply not stay out of trouble.  LSU has dismissed their star cornerback after repeated violatoins.  This is not good news for Mathieu or his future playing football.  No one will want to take a chance on him at this rate.

The Honey Badger shot to prominence last year but he keeps shooting himself in the foot with stupid stuff like this.  This will put up a bunch of red flags about his future in football.  You can have all the talent in the world but if you keep breaking the law, teams will shy away from you.

These mistakes or errors of judgement will not be forgotten.   People do not enjoy athletes that keep screwing up, even after they are gifted with such enormous talents.  Tyrann Mathieu is an incredible football player but it is pretty hard to play football when you are not able to play due to rules violations.

This is going to hurt LSU.  Mathieu is an extremely good player and he gives that defense an edge.  They will still be a very good team but Mathieu gives them a little bit more pop on the defense.  He can turn a game with a big kick return or a turnover.  Those momentum plays are what make him great for this team.

This is the second major mistake that Tyrann Mathieu has made as a member of LSU.  This cost him big time and he will have to find a brand new place to play next season.  For all the talent that he has, the law is the law.  If you can not abide by the law or team rules, you will not stick with many teams.  It is a shame to see, but that is how the world works.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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