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Texas A&M Stakes SEC Claim in Former Enemy Territory

UPDATE: The billboard actually is in Pflugerville, as I suspected.

With last Thanksgiving’s 27-25 victory over the Texas A&M Aggies, the Texas Longhorns got the last laugh– well, for now anyway– in a rivalry that spans generations.

The Aggies flipped the script soon thereafter and began to sing the praises of their move to the SEC and all the great buddies they would make along the way– to the amusement and derision of just those they were trying to make friends with.

It’s never a sure thing when inventive billboards pop up on Twitter panning one school or another– see last year’s Baylor / Aggie feud as example numero uno– but it appears the Aggies have fired a shot across the bow to Texas in their own backyard as seen below:

A quick Internet search of the company Austin Mobility Services– as the sign shows just below the billboard– leads to a location in Pflugerville, Texas, a suburb just north of Austin.

While I can’t make the drive out of the city just now to confirm this billboard really exists, and isn’t just another Photoshop masterpiece, it certainly seems to be more legit than others we’ve seen.

If true, it’s just another example of Texas A&M’s desperation to remain relevant in a city that wants nothing more than to forget about them– except for those Century Club members in town, that is.

Is it for recruiting, to show the alumni how “proud” they should be, or just another jab in the side of the Longhorns? Who knows really.

While Texas and Texas A&M continue to have verses about one another in their respective fight songs, however, and the Champions Bowl looms in the near future, the rivalry still has a few wheezing breaths left to breath.

Some things will never truly die, and the animosity between Aggies and Longhorns has the longest half-life of them all.

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