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Team Meeting Results In Scholarship For Vandy Walk-on Marc Panu

Hard work and determination. Two things that parents ingrain into the heads of their children from a young age to help them reach their dreams.

For one Vanderbilt football player, hard work and determination finally paid off.

After playing under the title of walk-on for three seasons, fullback Marc Panu received a scholarship Friday afternoon in a team meeting. Select walk-ons receive scholarships at the end of fall camp at universities around the country but what makes Panu’s scholarship so special is the way that he received it.

The Vandy football program held their usual afternoon team meeting on Friday but coach James Franklin had other plans for their meeting. Franklin began a session of film study that featured Marc Panu and offered multiple compliments to his fourth year player.

”You’re talking about a guy who keeps his mouth shut and loves being a part of this team.”, said Franklin while dissecting film of Puna. “Watch him here (as Marc levels a defender)- finding a way to bring value to the team.”

The head coach then proceeded to pause before delivering the big news.

”That’s why I’m so proud to let Marc Panu know that he’s got a full scholarship.”

The meeting room proceeded to erupt with applause as Panu slumped in his chair in shock. After collecting himself, he made his way to the floor to embrace his head coach and receive his scholarship.  The newly anointed scholarship fullback gave a hearty cheer as he returned to his seat.

The video has gone viral and can be seen here.

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