2012-2013 Illinois High School Football Rankings

By Eric Domingo

The 2012 Illinois high school football season is coming up and some teams are hoping that this year they can put up a championship state banner. While all Illinois high school programs are fighting for respect, some will also be hoping to surprise state rankings. Although Bollingbrook high school is a top everyone’s rankings, some may argue for the spots after. Here are the top 10 Illinois high school football rankings, based off the 5A, 6A, 7A, an 8A state championship and semi-finals games:

1. Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, IL)

2. Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL)

3. Montini (Lombard, IL)

4. Boylan Central Catholic (Rockford, IL)

5. Wheaton-Warrenville South (Wheaton, IL)

6. Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake, IL)

7. Joilet Catholic Academy (Joilet, IL)

8. Saint Rita (Chicago, IL)

9. Lake Zurich Senior (Lake Zurich, IL)

10. Glenbard North (Carol Stream, IL)

Does state championship and semi-final games determine who really are the best teams? Are there teams that should be mentioned, that didn’t quite make the championship and semi-final games? Rant your comments below with your own top 10!

Personally, I like how these teams were ranked but I would change some of the order and take out Saint Rita. My order would be:

1. Bolingbrook

2. Boylan Central Catholic

3. Prairie Ridge

4. Joilet Catholic Academy

5. Loyola Academy

6.Wheaton-Warrenville South

7. Richwood (Peoria,Illinois)

8. Joilet Catholic Academy

9. Glenbard North

10. Lake Zurich

The reason why I choose this order is because I feel the championship teams should be ahead of the second place teams. I felt Bolingbrook was the school to beat, but an argument could be made for Boylan Central. Bolingbrook had an outstanding 13-1 season, after not even being ranked in preseason. I had to give the top spot to Bolingbrook because I love underdog teams and gave them huge respect for beating Loyola Academy.

Order 5-8 can really be in any order, but I had to put Loyola (5) and Wheaton (6). Loyola has always dominated the 8A class and Wheaton always dominated the 7A class. Personally I like Loyola’s overall consistency, throughout the year and had to put them a little ahead of Wheaton.

I added Richwood and took out Saint Rita because Richwood made it to the 6A championship game. Although Richwood is not ranked in the top 10 by many, I feel they deserve to be there. Their championship appearance shows the quality of their program.

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