AJ McCarron Gives Glimpse of Alabama’s 2012 Offense

By Allen Faul

Since January 18th when Alabama Football coach Nick Saban announced the hiring ofWashington offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier to man the same post inTuscaloosa, speculation has been rampant as to how many points the Tide could roll on opponents in 2012.

Alabamafans remembered the offensive explosion that erupted on the Alamodome turf in the previous December when a Washington offense headed by Nussmeier traded touchdowns with the Baylor Bears, as both teams accumulated nearly 1400 yards of total offense combined before the clock hit zeroes.

Many questioned if the hire would mean the end ofAlabama’s punishing running game in favor of an aerial assault. After all, AJ McCarron fit the mold with a 6-foot-4 frame and a rocket launcher attached to his right shoulder.

However, McCarron is not that type of quarterback.

“When you first get into this game you just want to throw touchdowns and not always take what the defense gives you” McCarron stated Monday afternoon. I feel like I do that as of now, and I have to keep doing that.”

It is a trend McCarron began toward the end of the 2011 season.  While most consider the national championship game as one of the defining moments in his young career, it was his response to the first game against the LSU Tigers that was the true defining moment.

After playing statistically, one of his worst games in his collegiate career on the night of November 5th, McCarron responded by playing 3 of his best games in the final four contest down the stretch, leading Alabama to a national championship in the process.

However, this season McCarron has a full season under his belt and a second national championship ring in his collection. While life has changed for the BCS offensive MVP, his mindset under center will not.

“Take what they’ll give you and eventually they’ll give you the game” McCarron proclaimed.

While there is no Trent Richardson or Julio Jones (yet), top to bottom,Alabama very well may have their deepest roster of talent. Whether it be at the skill positions or on the offensive line,Alabama has enough talent to make McCarron look less like a quarterback and more like a conductor of a symphony, aligning the offense in perfect position play after play.

So will McCarron be the quarterback who etches his name up and down the history books, or  will Alabama continue to run the ball with the same emphasis of years past?

“As long as we’re winning, it doesn’t matter to me” McCarron said.

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