Nebraska Cornhuskers: Ryan Klachko Officially Gone

By Paul Troupe

Bo Pelini had one goal in mind for his 2011 recruiting class. The Nebraska Cornhuskers needed offensive line depth behind a solid unit, but also needed the young guys to quickly replace the seniors who were leaving.

Pelini got what he asked for, with two ESPN 150 recruits in Tyler Moore and Ryan Klachko. Husker fans were excited about the potential these two had, and even got to see it when Tyler Moore became the first true freshmen to start at tackle in the history of Nebraska football.

Just as quickly as Moore and Klachko got to Lincoln, they have both departed within mere days. Moore has the possibility of coming back to Lincoln in 2013, but Klachko has bolted for a fellow B1G 10 competitor.

The Illinois Fighting Illini have a new coach this season and Tim Beckman has quickly picked up transfers from within the conference. Former Penn State offensive linemen Ryan Nowicki has also decided to transfer to Illinois, though he does not have to sit out for a year.

With Klachko and Moore now gone, the Huskers have bit of a depth issue on the offensive line behind the normal rotation of players. Thankfully for the Huskers, offensive line coach Barney Cotton decided to run out a rotation of ten different players on the offensive line.

Experience will not be an issue with this group; depth is their problem. Nebraska will need to sign at least three linemen in the 2013 and 2014 classes. With so many upper class men, the Huskers need some young guys to come in and be ready to play. They do not need to start, but will be heavily relied on in the rotation of players.

Paul Troupe is the lead writer for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and San Antonio Spurs, while covering many major sports for RantSports. You can follow him on Twitter @gamin4HIM

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