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NCAA Football

Former LSU Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu In Drug Rehab Center

Tyrann Mathieu and his fall from grace is something that could be the basis for a book or a movie.  The saga surrounding the former LSU cornerback has taken another turn as it appears the Heisman Trophy contender will not play football this fall and will instead be in a drug treatment facility.

This is a tough step for anyone to take.  Admitting that you have a problem is often the hardest thing for people to do.  Mathieu has not had the easiest life so it is good to see he and his guardians have decided to make the smart decision to make sure he ends up healthy.

The Honey Badger was known for taking what he wanted on the football field, but it seems like his life has gone off track.  It is a tough decision to go to a rehab center instead of playing football, but life is so much more important than a silly game.  If the family of Tyrann Mathieu thinks this is the best for him, it will probably work out for him in the end.

After failing so many drug tests, it appears the he does have a problem.  A treatment facility will certainly help treat that addiction that he might have.  It might be a little bit strange to see, but it is nice to see his family putting his health and his future over his football career.  Football can come and go, but your life is only granted to you once.  You really can not mess that up too many times.

As a fan of Tyrann Mathieu, I hope that he is able to recover from this.  I love watching him on the football field, but he should concentrate on getting himself clean and sober.   Once that happens, the Honey Badger will return to terrorize opponents on the field.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.