High School Football Team Gets Visit From Vice President Biden

By Eric Domingo

On August 13, 2012 Vice President Joe Biden visited George Washington high school in Danville, Virginia. Biden who’s a former football player at Archmere Academy, Georgia and University of Delaware, almost spent an hour talking football with the players. Many of Biden’s Secret Service agents were also former college football players and also chatted with the George Washington athletes.

August 13 was the first day of classes at George Washington High School. Head coach Bobby Martin said he found out about the visit 10 minutes before practice.

Assistant football coach Dave Hoskin, was preparing for practice when he looked up and saw dark SUVs.

“A couple of guys stepped out, and I could tell right away they were Secret Service,” says Hoskin.

Hoskin had a daughter that was in Army intelligence and had been attached to Vice President Bush and Cheney.

“I told one of the players they were Secret Service and he didn’t believe me. I told him, ‘You’ll see in about 20 minutes.’ The next thing I knew, they multiplied and the motorcade came down to the field, and that was even before I knew that Vice President Biden was coming to Danville,” says Hoskin.

Quickly after Biden arrived, the Secret Service told Martin what the plan was.

“I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody, but I told them I needed to tell at least one coach to keep all the players in line. For someone with that kind of stature, it was worth the distraction” says Martin.

Although many would think Biden would talk about politics, he surprised the boys and the coaching staff by just asking the 18-year old players to vote.


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