Tyrann Mathieu Forgoing Football For Drug Rehab Is The Best Solution Right Now

By David LaRose

Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu has finally figured out what he will be doing this fall but it’s not what anybody expected. He was kicked off the team last week after failing a third drug test and ever since speculation has been rampant concerning his next move. Instead of transferring to a smaller college to continue playing football he will be entering himself into a Houston drug rehabilitation center for the near future.

This is the best possible move for Mathieu and his family at this point and although it will be tough, it’s in his best interest at this point in his life. If Mathieu wants any type of future in the NFL, or any other endeavor, he first has to overcome these demons and get his personal life together. It was an entire family decision for Tyrann to enter drug rehab and he will stay until he gets fully clean from his addiction.

Above all else, entering rehab will help restore Tyrann’s health and that’s the most important thing right now. Put football aside and think about his actual well-being and this is an obvious decision. His family has said that he will remain in Right Step recovery center in Houston for as long as it takes to be fully healthy again.

Tyrann’s father, Tyrone Mathieu said that he is proud of his son for facing the consequences of his actions and his desire to want to fix them. It’s not easy to admit to mistakes or admit that there’s a problem but Mathieu has accepted his situation and is now doing what’s necessary to remedy it.

It’s good to see a young player take responsibility for his actions and have a desire to straighten out his issues before focusing on football. It would have been easy for Mathieu to just transfer and continue to play football like everyone expected but him and his family made the tough decision and I applaud them for it.

Let’s just hope that he is able to fully heal while in Houston and get back to the person and player everyone loves to watch each Saturday.

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