Uniform Fetish Finally Hits a High Note for Oregon Ducks

By Kris Hughes

The Oregon Ducks are college football’s ultimate uniform fetishists. Every time you think they’ve come up with some new design that will never be topped– they top it– largely with the help of their good buddy Nike.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Nike’s competitor, Adidas, has managed to destroy some of the best traditional uniforms in the game in their desire to spice things up. As an example, make sure to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers / Wisconsin Badgers game on September 29th which will look more like an artist’s rendering of 2030 than 2012, in the worst way possible.

Nike made a much classier move with the Oregon Ducks, however, introducing the liquid metal helmet and uni combination you see below:

via Google

I’m a big fan of the liquid metal look for the helmets– it’s sleek, clean and classy. The off-green uni that it appears will go along with these is clean and sharp as well.

Why in the hell can’t Adidas– and more often than not, Nike also– learn from their past mistakes with abominations like the Wisconsin and Nebraska disasters, and the Maryland Terrapins “joker” nightmares, and go back to basics.

Sometimes the simplest uniforms, even if they are alternates, are the most impressive.

These days it’s all about swag.

Swag goes as far as anything in recruiting wars– players now are just as concerned with how they look as they are with how they play.

They’re all uniform festishists to some degree.

Oregon’s group will at least look the part– in a good way– on the Saturday they rock the liquid metal.

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