Ohio State RB Bri'onte Dunn Acquitted Of Charges

By Will Wilson

Bri’onte Dunn has had some good luck in the past couple of months.

After already being acquitted of drug-related charges from a traffic stop last month, the Ohio State running back now had the disorderly charge against him dropped as well.

According to Cantonrep.com, Dunn appeared to be in court on Friday where he was acquitted of the misdemeanor after the court found insufficient evidence against him. He then was found guilty of a few traffic violations including license plate illumination and not wearing a seatbelt.

His punishment – paying $60 in fines plus the court fees.

When Dunn was pulled over by police in July, he nearly ran a blinking red light almost hitting a patrol car. As he was stopped, police found a marijuana pipe and less than 200 grams of pot inside his vehicle.

Here’s where it gets comical.

Dunn’s mother later claimed the drugs in her car were there before her son borrowed the vehicle.

How ridiculous is that? Not only does that show Dunn’s mother is a drug user but she is making excuses for him whether or not the drugs belonged to him. Talk about an enabler.

Dunn will probably continue to get in trouble and make stupid decisions because he’s never actually been severely punished. His mother, who should be parenting her son, instead makes excuses that will not benefit him in the future.

We haven’t seen the last of troubles from Dunn and I’m sure we’ll see them again shortly.

Just another day in the blotter for college football.

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