Deion Sanders to Coach Football at His Own Charter School

By Dave Daniels

Deion Sanders will be a football coach at the charter academy school he started.

Prime Prep Academy has campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth and will play as a Class 3A school in Texas’ University Interscholastic League. At Prime Prep Academy’s first football practice Monday, Sanders said will share head coaching duties with fellow former Dallas Cowboys Kevin Mathis and George Hegamin.

D.L. Wallace, co-founder and executive director of Prime Time Prep, said Sanders is up to the task despite his various broadcasting commitments.

“Deion is committed to developing a strong athletic department and developing young leaders,” Wallace said. “He does have the energy and he has the time.”

Deion Sanders is one of several high-profile former NFL players who are coaching high school football this season. Brett Favre is another high-profile former NFL player coaching high school football this year. He is a volunteer assistant at Oak Grove (Hattiesburg, Miss.).

Prime Prep is a unique and challenging opportunity though, because as a first-year charter school, Prime Prep has no weight room, no stadium and a unkempt practice field.

“Fortunately, we’ve already met some of the major concerns of starting a team,” Wallace said. “We have equipment and uniforms. The fields are not that big an issue. We have other areas we can practice. Now, our focus is on making sure the team is cohesive.”

The school’s first day of classes is Aug. 27 with its first game coming four days later at Parish Episcopal (Dallas). Wallace said the school is in the process of being wired for the Internet and other details.

The team’s first game will be 4 days after the first day of class which is August 27th.

Wallace said having football in the school’s first year will help set it apart from other first year charter schools.

“We’re in Texas and this is Texas football and we’re glad to offer it to our children out of the gate,” Wallace said. “Many charter schools don’t have the ability to field a team at all.”

Two of Sanders’ sons, Shedeur and Shilo are expected to attend the school. Sanders was known as “Primetime” during the Sundays he played in the NFL, but now we will see if he can make Fridays Primetime.

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