Virginia Tech Offense Shines in Saturday Scrimmage

By Ryan McCart

Virginia Tech held an open scrimmage on Saturday and the offense took over the show. This is good news for the Hokies as they have had to replace eight offensive starters, four on the offensive line. During the spring, the offense couldn’t get on the same page. The line wasn’t able to protect quarterback Logan Thomas and the statistics showed that.

Touchdowns were hard to come by in the spring, but it now appears that the offense is getting on the same page.  Thomas passed for 112 yards, and second string quarterback Mark Leal threw for 111 yards and two touchdowns. The quarterbacks had a good day but the star of Saturday’s scrimmage was running back J.C. Coleman.

Coleman broke off a touchdown run of 52 yards. He had a solid scrimmage despite the fact that he broke his right hand in practice on Thursday. The true freshman is currently listed third on the running back depth chart, but if he keeps up these performances he could move his way into the second slot behind Michael Holmes.

The offense couldn’t have played this well without a much improved offensive line. The four new starters were able to protect the quarterback and open up the running lanes on Saturday. This is the best news that the offense could hope for. While fans may not know the linemen by name, they understand that the offense starts with them. It doesn’t matter how good the quarterback is if he is always running for his life, and the same goes for running backs if they don’t have a hole to run through.

The Hokies offense still has things to improve upon, but in Saturday’s 78-play scrimmage the improvement from the spring was obvious. If the offense continues to improve like this then Virginia Tech could have a very good season in 2012.

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