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College football rumors: David Ash to be named starting QB for the Texas Longhorns?

Rumors are surfacing out of Austin, Texas, that David Ash will be officially named the starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns early next week.

Though this isn’t a huge surprise for those who have followed practices closely, it comes less than 24 hours after the Horns’ co-offensive coordinator, Bryan Harsin, told the media that both Ash and Case McCoy would see the field during their season-opener vs. the Wyoming Cowboys on September 1st. These words sent fans, afraid of having to endure another season of the dreaded two-quarterback system, into a panic.

Both quarterbacks struggled last season, but to be fair, neither was expected to see the field much, if at all. It wasn’t until Garrett Gilbert (who has since transferred to SMU) was benched that Ash and McCoy were thrown into the fire, completely unprepared.

To be fair, Ash, the a true freshman, was probably not even third string two weeks into the season. Though he was an early enrollee, he rarely got any meaningful reps at practices throughout the spring and summer because it was believed, or hoped, that he would be afforded a redshirt season. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and he was thrown to the wolves before he was ready.

All things considered, he handled his own. Though he had some terrible outings, he showed enough improvement by the end of the season, particularly in his bowl game performance, to prove that perhaps he could be the next starting QB at Texas.

Now, nine months later, Ash has pulled ahead of McCoy in the QB race.

Though Ash will be named the starter, I do, however, think that Texas will still play upon the strengths that Case brings to the table as well.

The two QBs bring completely different skill sets to the team, and it would be wise for the Longhorns to take advantage.

While McCoy has reportedly been more solid in the short passing game, Ash has been more consistent and better at moving the ball around the field, particularly in the deep passing game. He is also better able to extend, and even make plays with his feet.

After all, with all the playmakers on offense, the Texas Longhorns don’t need either guy to be an All-American this season; they simply need someone who can manage the offense effectively and efficiently and take care of the ball.

From all accounts, David Ash will be the one to do that.