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When it Comes to College Football Recruiting Don’t Be “That Guy”

Grown adults have been known to do some crazy things when it comes to following college football recruiting, but one fan took it to another level, contacting College of the Sequoias defensive back Steven Nelson.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution followed up on the story that had made the rounds on internet message boards. The story stars a fan who contacted Nelson after reports surfaced that he had decomitted from the Georgia Bulldogs and committed to another school.  The fan could not wait for his favorite recruiting site to follow up on the story and took matters in his own hands by calling Nelson. After Nelson declared he was still committed to the Bulldogs, the fan then took to social media to document his experience.

You know, because he’s a true fan.

College football recruiting has become big business with the rise of websites like Rivals, 24/7, and Scout.  Fans from schools across the country shell out top dollar year after year to learn where the nation’s top recruits will spend their collegiate careers.  And just like clockwork there is someone who is willing to take their fanhood to another level.

Don’t be that guy

Don’t be the guy that takes to his Twitter account or Facebook page on a daily basis like they are on the coaching staff making their daily recruiting calls.  Or, learning from our Georgia fan, don’t actually make a phone call.

Sticking on the same note, don’t be the guy that unrealistically builds up every prospect that has stepped foot on a high school field. Just because a recruit is a dual threat quarterback does not mean he will be the next Michael Vick, nor is every defensive end the next Julius Peppers.

Finally, on the day a recruit decides to go to another school, don’t be the guy that bashes a 17 year old on a message board.  It is sad to see adults hope a high schooler blow out a knee or insinuate there were illegal benefits involved. The kid didn’t pick your school, get over it and wish him well.

The business of college football recruiting is not going away and for all the trouble it causes, it does some good in helping kids get the exposure needed to earn a scholarship. Just remember to enjoy your recruiting responsibly.