Big Ten Needs to Compete in 2012

By Will Wilson

It’s time for the Big Ten to grow up and compete with the SEC.

It seems like decades since a Big Ten team played for the national championship. The last time it happened was in 2006, when Ohio State squared off against Florida in Glendale, Ariz.

The result was a 41-14 beatdown by the Gators on the Buckeyes.

The Big Ten has grown up over the past few seasons and defenses like Michigan State are starting to play on a championship or SEC level. Penn State put together a solid 11 on defense in 2011, even if they did give up 31 to Alabama.

The SEC is just the Big Ten’s kryptonite.

Times seem to be changing a bit up north, though. There are some new faces on the coaching spectrum who can recruit nationally, more non-conference games being scheduled against SEC teams and everyone is ready to put an end to being the little brother of college football.

We’ll see about that on Sept. 1. when Bama and Michigan invade Jerry’s World to see just how much the Big Ten has grown up the past few years.

Brady Hoke is not scared of the defending national champs and the rest of the Wolverines should not be either. It’s time for them to show everyone in college football that Big Blue is back and so is the Big Ten.

Northwestern hosts Vanderbilt in a less exciting match up during the second week of the season, but don’t think the rest of the Big Ten isn’t keeping a close eye on how the Wildcats do against James Franklin and his new team on the rise.

The season is near and it’s the Big Ten’s turn to grow up and challenge the SEC.

No one up north wants to hear about SEC dominance anymore.

Will Wilson is a writer for Rant Sport covering College Football and the Big Ten Conference.

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