Brett Favre Wins in Offensive Coaching Debut

By Eric Domingo

On Aug. 17, NFL legend and new Oak Grove, Miss. offensive coordinator Brett Favre helped Oak Grove win over Sumrall 64-6.

Oak Grove dominated the Bobcats most of the game. At halftime, Oak Grove led Sumrall 41-6. Quarterback Kirk McCarty credited his offensive line for making things seem easy.

“They blocked a heck of a game…There’s no way to do it without those blocks and those holes that you could’ve driven a train through,” he said.

With Favre’s experience and passion for the game, the Warriors should have a great looking offense this season. Although Favre doesn’t receive any money for taking on this role, he has worked with Oak Grove in the past. He use to work out with the Warriors in the offseason throwing passes to the receivers.

Favre’s 13-year-old daughter is also attending Oak Grove, making his offensive coaching job perfect. He’s able to see her volleyball games and still be a part of a game he loves.

“One of the reasons I retired in the first place was I wanted to be in one place and experience all these things with my family,” he said.

His family loves that he’s close to home and the Oak Grove coaching staff loves having the NFL legend around.

“What I like best is he’s enthusiastic…He makes it fun. Football should be fun,” said Nevil Barr, head coach of Oak Grove.

Although the Warriors are having fun with their new offensive coach, Sumrall Coach Shannon White was just happy his quarterback Will Simon didn’t get hurt on Friday.

“In this spread offense, if you can’t handle pressure, you get beat 64-6 by an average team, much less a great team. Oak Grove’s got a good football team,” says White.

Preparation means everything in football and White also thought his team wasn’t ready to battle with the Warriors.

“We were poorly prepared on my part. When things got bad, I thought we took it. We played like sissies,” he said.

Oak Grove took down Sumrall 52-0 last year, but White thought he saw improvement in his team.

“Last year, we played good for four minutes. This year, we played good for eight minutes…Maybe if we work 10 more years, we’ll get a half, who knows,” he said.

Oak Grove hopes to continue their winning ways, welcoming Purvis High School next week.

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