NFL Players Which Would be Most Terrifying to Face in High School

By Taylor Johnson

With high school football season on the verge of kicking off and the NFL halfway through the preseason, this idea was asked of me. What current NFL players would be the most terrifying to play against in high school?

When you think terrifying you probably think nasty defensive players who could take your head off. I think that too but also on my list are some offensive players that could carve up defenses like your grandma carves the Thanksgiving turkey.

10. QB Michael VickPhiladelphia Eagles Defensive coordinators would have sleepless nights during the week they would prepare for Vick. He can beat you with his arm and certainly could scramble out of the pocket for monster gains.

9. WR Calvin JohnsonDetroit Lions  Johnson’s blazing speed and phenomenal jumping ability would make it near impossible for any high school defensive back to cover him. Once Johnson got the ball it would certainly go for a touchdown with his blazing speed.

8. RB Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings  Not only is Peterson quick, there’s no denying he’s one of the toughest backs in the league. He can make a hole in the line when there’s not one there just by his brute strength. And if he gets down field, good luck to any high school safety trying to bring Peterson down.

7. QB Tom BradyNew England Patriots  Good luck trying to stop Brady if you’re playing high school defense. Not only to read defenses like none other, Brady can put the ball anywhere he wants to.

6.LB Brian UrlacherChicago Bears  The first of three linebackers on this list, any high school quarterback would be shaking in their cleats lining up across from this beast.

5. QB Aaron RodgersPackers  Rodgers can make something out of nothing. He can look off safeties better than any QB in the league and can always audible to the right play at the line of scrimmage. He’s not as quick as Vick but can make plays with his feet. Plus, what high school defender would want to line up across from a guy that made people in Green Bay say “Brett Favre who?”

4.DE Jared Allen-Vikings Jared Allen always has his motor running and never takes a play off. He’s the quickest end in the league and once he gets off the edge, it’d be lights out for any high school quarterback. And then he would do his hog tie celebration (my personal favorite celebration by the way).

3. LB Clay Matthews-Packers  One of, if not, the fastest linebacker in the NFL. Any high school offensive line trying to contain and keep track where Matthews is would be in for a long day. Lining up against this guy would be nightmare for any high school QB.

2. QB Peyton ManningDenver Broncos  The best quarterback to have ever played the game, Manning would have high school coordinators updating their resumes and looking for new professions. You could study him all you want to, but Manning is studying twice as hard and long as you and his work ethic is second to none. Not to mention he would be changing the play at the line of scrimmage with so many audibles and dummy audibles, high school defenders would forget their assignments and go crying to their coach.

1. LB Ray LewisBaltimore Ravens I didn’t know if I wanted to go with him or Manning here at the top spot, but someone as fierce and intense as Lewis had to go first. Still one of the best defensive players in the league, I would not want to be anybody on a high school offense playing against this crazed animal.

No way I would want to be a lineman trying to block him. Or a running back running up the middle and meeting Lewis head on. Or how about a receiver coming across the middle on an in-route? Forget about it.

dMr. Lewis would knock you into next football season. Oh, and don’t forget he’s one of the best trash talkers ever. He would have a high school quarterback crying to his momma in the stands before he even broke the huddle.


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