Oklahoma Sooners Name Blake Bell No. 2 QB

By Amanda Staver

In what doesn’t come to a shocker to anyone who has followed Blake Bell‘s career with the Oklahoma Sooners, head coach Bob Stoops announced Tuesday after practice that Bell would indeed be QB 2. For as well as the “Belldozer” formation worked last season, I don’t think the number 2 spot was ever really in question. Drew Allen will stay in the no. 3 position.

Stoops on the coaches’ decision:

Drew has done also a really good job and made great improvement. I just feel Blake’s may have been more consistent overall and is playing the way we need him to. Drew as well is getting there and he’ll still continue to battle. He’s had a great attitude and continues to work really hard also. We’ll just take it from there as we go through the year.

Bell played in seven games last season and quickly became a fan favorite while running the short-yardage Belldozer package. He finished the year with 13 touchdowns and was second on the team in scoring. With Bell’s size, it was hard for defensive lines to stop him from making successful short-yardage plays. Co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel decided to implement the Belldozer into the playbooks when it was apparent that Landry Jones was struggling with the loss of one of his major targets, Ryan Broyles.

Even though the Belldozer has produced great success, it could also start to get gimmicky to a degree. Any time the Sooners are in need of quick short-yardage, opposing defenses would automatically know the Belldozer formation is about to be run.

Bell did attempt to change it up during the Sooners’ annual Spring Game in April by actually attempting passes. He had several that were spot on with a couple of overthrown balls here and there. He has been working on his fundamentals over the summer, so we should see an improved, more accurate Bell during the season–one who not only will be a threat on the ground game, but in the air.

If the Sooner offensive coaches really wanted to change it up, put both Jones and Bell in at the same time with Bell at fullback.

There’s some food for thought.


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