Fans Stay Loyal on Friday Nights in Wisconsin

By Taylor Johnson

As we enter into the 2012 high school football season, it got me thinking what Friday nights have always meant to me and a lot of people in the state of Wisconsin. Football games are the one sport where, for the most part, I could see the same people both at home games or on the road. This state has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans around. I’m not saying other states are not, but this state in general just loves its football. Win or lose, you can drive past any football field in any community on a Friday night and see the stands packed with fans screaming and yelling for their local high school. I’ve lived in several different towns in this great state of mine, and everywhere I’ve lived it’s been the same.

Friday nights are not only football games, but they are social events. Young and old, fans are drawn to the high school football field. My high school in particular fans would be in the bleachers and wrapped around the field standing by one of the end zones. And on big scoring plays or a big defensive stops, adults would be screaming along just like the high school students. It’s not like that at just home games either. I’ve gone to some schools to check out the football scene at different towns I’ve lived, and 9 times out of 10 both home and away stands are packed. Both sides cheering on their respective high schools. And it’s not just adults who make the trips, plenty of students find ways to make it to those away games. Whether it’s a bus or car pool, students will find a way to make it to their school’s road games.

Friday nights are always a fun atmosphere in the fall. Whether their high school is winning or losing, fans do not care. They are loyal to their school, to their team, to their community. All they care about, is that they have football to watch in their hometown every fall and every Friday night.



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