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Ohio State LB Storm Klein Could Return To Team

Former Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein was dismissed from the team on July 7, one day after he allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the forearms and threw her into the front door of his apartment.

Since then, Klein has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge and a domestic violence charge. Both have recently been dismissed.

A spokesman from Ohio State said that if charges were dismissed, “there will be a re-assessment of Storm Klein’s status with the football team.”

Coach Urban Meyer hasn’t ruled out a return for Klein either.

According to Meyer, “Storm has a good reputation, good grades, good student, good guy,” he said.

Should Meyer give Klein another shot? It’s not like some of his former players at Florida didn’t get a second chance. He’ll bring back Klein on a conditional basis and bolster that already solid Buckeye defense.

According to Klein’s attorney, Larry James, the alleged victim (Klein’s girlfriend) said that Klein “didn’t hit her, didn’t intend to hurt her” and that “she wanted the charges dropped.”

Surprise, Surprise.

When hearing that, you cannot help to think Klein’s girlfriend overreacted and regretted bringing the police in to it. You can’t blame her for getting somewhat frightened during the matter. Klein is 6-foot-2, 242-pounds. When a man that large puts his hands on you, especially female, there’s going to be a little intimidation.

Klein will be on 18 months probation and adherence to a “behavioral contract” with Ohio State that includes many conditions.

My guess is, we’ll see Klein in a Buckeye uniform this season.

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