Ball State Players Caught Trying To Steal ‘Male Enhancement Pills’

Ball State defensive end John Newsome is soon to be in a load of trouble, as well as being the butt of jokes in the locker room and on the road.

Newsome was arrested early Monday morning and charged with possession of marijuana after being pulled over for failing to use a turn signal. A records check, after he was pulled over, revealed an expired license plate as well as an outstanding warrant on a charge of convention.

Doug Zaleski of the The Star Press, a local Indiana newspaper, reported the incident and then offered this tweet to follow up his story:

Oh boy.

Newsome and Toney Williams will never be able to live this down, not with their friends, opposing fans or their teammates.

The defensive end transferred from Ohio State in 2009 and sat out last season while taking a redshirt year. Due to his arrest a few days ago he has since been suspended two games but it could be more with this updated report coming out. If a further punishment is not handed down, he will be eligible to play September 15 against Indiana.

Regardless of his eligibility, how does one even find themselves in that situation? Talk about awkward conversations (hopefully they didn’t go like this), “You want to help me go steal some Extenze from the pharmacy man? I could really use it.”

Everywhere they go this season, I’m sure they will hear the jokes and will see the signs from the hecklers. This type of incident does not go ignored by the opposing fans and they’ll have a field day coming up with funny things to say and make fun of.

I hope they have a sense of humor or else we may be seeing another arrest report in the future.

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