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College Football Recruiting 2013: 5 Players Who Will Make Immediate Impacts

Who will get redshirted? Who will play immediately?

These are common questions fans have about an incoming class of freshmen.  Who can blame them? Fans want to know which young players will be able to be difference makers from the start.  It’s not easy for a true freshman, usually around 17 years old, to come in and contribute while going against 21 and 22 year old young men.

It’s usually harder for offensive linemen to play immediately, mainly because they aren’t used to the speed of the game and are not strong enough.  Some defensive linemen, those blessed with superb pass rushing skills, can get early playing time by effectively being able to put pressure on the quarterback on passing downs.  Running backs and defensive backs usually produce the most instances where young and athletic players can get early snaps, because they play positions where speed and athleticism can be enough to get by.  Quarterbacks have a very difficult time, as mastering the cerebral part of the playbook can be a daunting task.

Well the 2013 season is only one short year away. So without further ado, here is a list of 5 players from College Football Recruiting 2013 who will come in and play right away, regardless of where they go to school.  Just don’t expect any quarterbacks on this list.

1. Derrick Green- Running Back- Undecided- Green is as physically ready to play as anyone in the high school ranks right now.  He literally could make an impact right now, without having to play his senior year.  Green, at 230lbs, is menacing runner who takes pleasure in delivering blows to defenders.

2. Kendall Fuller- Cornerback- Virginia Tech- Fuller is an outstanding cornerback who will be able to pick up the Hokie playbook easily.  He has brothers who are on team already, so there will be no surprises for Fuller when he reports to camp.  He will be familiar with the town, the school, the coaches and the players.  Having a comfort level like that, while being as talented as Fuller, means early progression and early snaps.

3. Greg Bryant- Running Back- Undecided- Bryant, while currently undecided, will make a big difference from the start.  He is a complete back who can stand up to the rigors of the game early on.  The three schools he is choosing from (South Carolina, Auburn and Georgia), coincidentally, love to run the football.  Expect Bryant to be no less than the number 2 back on whichever top 25 team acquires his services.

4. O.J. Howard- Tight End- Alabama- This guy is a physical freak.  I mean, he looks like Adonis.  The best thing is, he is as good as he looks.  At 6’6’’ 230, imagine a double tight end set with the incumbent Brian Vogler (6’7’’ 270).  With a heck of a ground game and a senior quarterback (yes, A.J. McCarron will still be there), expect Howard to make an impact early, especially in the red zone.

5. Robert Nkemdiche- Defensive End- Clemson- Nkemdiche will make an early impact, at least in defending the run.  Please people, we need to remember Nkemdiche is not Jadeveon Clowney, who is the best collegiate pass rusher since Terrell Suggs.  But he is a physical specimen that has enough raw talent and ability to play early on.