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NCAA Football

Virginia Tech Football: A Look at RB Michael Holmes

Virginia Tech has been a run first offense for as long as anyone can remember. It has never mattered how good their quarterback has been whether it be Michael Vick, Bryan Randall, Tyrod Taylor or most recently Logan Thomas. The Hokies want to run; it’s as simple as that. Over the past four or five years that has been a pretty good option.

In fact it’s been the best option when you have players like Darren Evans, Ryan Williams and David Wilson lining up in the backfield. Those three were great players, but they are now being replaced by Michael Holmes. Holmes may in fact represent Virginia Tech’s program under Frank Beamer in a nutshell.

Michael Holmes, a redshirt freshman, was only a two-star recruit coming out of Harrisonburg High School in 2011. ESPN had him ranked as the 137th best running back in the country. This is the reason that Virginia Tech is so good. The Hokies don’t have top 10 recruiting classes every year. Five-star recruits rarely make their way through Blacksburg, but Frank Beamer has hired some of the best assistant coaches in the country and they know what to do with the talent they have.

This is the case with Holmes. He had offers from three schools in High School: Virginia Tech, JMU and Virginia. Yet, it is reasonable to expect that Holmes will be one of the better running backs in the ACC, simply because of the school he goes to. Running backs coach Shane Beamer will inevitably coach him up and Holmes will become a hero in Blacksburg. This isn’t a risky prediction, because it is what always seems to happen.

Holmes probably won’t be as good as his three immediate predecessors, but there are a couple of players that he can live up to in recent Virginia Tech Lore. Holmes could be the next Mike Imoh or the next Brandon Ore.

When Holmes graduated from High School he made a very good decision in choosing Virginia Tech. He went to one of the few schools that know exactly how to make the most of the talent a player has. He put himself, with the help of his coaches, into a position to succeed. We will see how successful he is in 2012.