Auburn Football: The Suspension of Reese Dismukes a Huge Blow

By Brandon Miller

Auburn starting center Reese Dismukes solely affected the Tigers’ football team in the worst of ways early Saturday morning. At 2:03 a.m., the sophomore was arrested for public intoxication outside of Auburn Hardware in downtown Auburn.

Dismukes was suspended immediately for an indefinite amount of time, which was also the trend for freshman quarterback Zeke Pike, who was arrested on the same charge over the summer and was later dismissed from the team.

“I am very disappointed in Reese Dismukes for his irresponsible behavior,” Chizik said in a statement. “This kind of behavior will not be tolerated at Auburn, and I have suspended Reese as a result of his actions.”

In a long list of off-the-field issues Tiger players have experienced in just this calendar year, Coach Gene Chizik has made it a point through action that he will suspended any player, no matter how important, despite second thought. The same, however, cannot be said for Auburn’s opening opponent, Clemson, who suspended star receiver Sammy Watkins two full months after he was arrested for drug possession. The suspension was also passed down from the Board of Trustees, not the coaching staff.

The suspension of Dismukes will affect the Tigers more than Watkins’ will Clemson. The Remington Award Watch List recipient entered the season with 13 starts, the most for any Auburn offensive linemen.

Dismukes’ backup, Tunde Fariyike, saw minimal playing time in 2011, and despite being next on the unofficial depth chart, may not start vs. the Tigers on Saturday at the Georgia Dome. Rather, the Auburn coaching staff may move around reserve guards, some true freshmen, to fill the newly opened spot.

The loss of Dismukes is a huge blow to the Tigers and could play a major role in a loss from a win. However, the moral standard of Chizik’s tight-run ship should set an example to other current and future players for Auburn.

Having the same class last fall with both Dismukes and Fariyike, it was a now-proven assumption Dismukes would get into trouble at some point. Wearing a Troy football shirt to class regular and sleeping more times than not, Dismukes played the role of a stereotypical college football player. Fariyike, on the other hand, was one of the more attentive students in class, living up to the standard Science and Math major has set for themselves over the years.

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