Muschamp Reveals Plans At Quarterback For Florida Gators

By Chris Lionetti

After fielding questions for months about the battle at the quarterback position for the Florida Gators, head coach Will Muschamp finally provided the world with an answer at a Monday press conference.

Throughout both the spring and fall camps, Muschamp was tight lipped about his two sophomore quarterbacks, Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel. The head coach always saw the quarterback competition as being close and refused to inform the media about which quarterback had established himself as the frontrunner. The most any reporter had gotten out of the Florida Gators coach was that Brissett and Driskel may rotate quarters or even games played.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly how the situation at quarterback will play out.

Muschamp’s decision was revealed when the Gators handed out their first official depth chart of the season. Media members expected to see a name next to the first string quarterback but instead received a different answer to their question.

The Florida Gators depth chart had both Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel listed as the first team quarterbacks.  Their names were separated by the word “or” on the depth chart. Once again, Muschamp had refused to come to a decision regarding his quarterbacks and instead, will let the competition ride into the season.

While not being able to come to a decision regarding his quarterback competition, Will Muschamp did describe a plan of how the signal-callers would be used in game settings.

Brissett and Driskel will each play one quarter in the first half of the team’s season opener, though who will get what quarter has not been decided. Once the Gators reach halftime, the playing time of the quarterbacks in the third and fourth quarters will be decided by the offensive coaching staff. They will then reevaluate their options going into the team’s second game.

At the beginning of fall practice, it seemed as if Will Muschamp could go no further to complicate the team’s starting quarterback battler but Muschamp took it a step further with his depth chart decision. Operating on a quarter to quarter basis that is decided by halves? The Florida Gators coach must be having a hard time choosing between the two sophomores and needs more time to evaluate them both. Worst case scenario? Muschamp believes that rotating his quarterbacks is the best option for his team and their offense.

However, the indecision at quarterback for the Florida Gators continued when Muschamp disclosed that the team would run the wildcat as part of its offense. Meaning another “quarterback” would be taking snaps from under center.

This is a situation that seems far from coming to an end.

Chris Lionetti covers the Southeastern Conference (SEC) for Rant Sports.

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